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    Return of the Jedi (1983)

    • This is an original, rolled, one-sheet teaser poster from 1982 for Return of the Jedi starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Frank Oz, James Earl Jones, Peter Mayhew, Alec Guinness and Kenny Baker. Richard Marquand directed the film. Drew Struzan is the artist for the poster.

      The poster offered here was sourced directly from a former employee of Gore Graphics which printed these one-sheets back in 1982.  It was stored away from light for over thirty years.  It measures exactly 27 1/8” x 41” and is in excellent, unused condition.  It has never been folded.

      The third film of the original Star Wars trilogy was initially titled Return of the Jedi but George Lucas and producer Gary Kurtz made the decision during post-production to change the name to Revenge of the Jedi. Drew Struzan, who was hired to create the classic Style D poster for the Original Star Wars in 1977, created artwork for this teaser poster to be in theaters around Christmas in 1982. Soon after the posters were printed and distributed, George Lucas changed his mind and reverted back to the original Return of the Jedi title.  These posters were recalled and many were destroyed.

      Over the years, this poster has been the victim of at least three reproduction printings. Each reproduction has subtle flaws ranging from paper thickness, size of the poster, clarity of logos, printed fold-lines, and mysterious clouds in the lower-right. There are many fakes available on the market and they are often hard to spot.

      This poster has been carefully vetted and, like all our posters, is fully guaranteed for life to be authentic with a lifetime, money-back guarantee of authenticity. 

      Please look closely at the photo as it is not cropped or a stock image.This rare and extremely collectible poster, printed in 1982 to tease the initial theatrical release of Return of the Jedi, is not a reproduction or a reprint.


      Year poster printed: 1982
      Country: United States
      Size: 27 1/8 in x 41 in (69 cm x 104 cm)
      Artist: Drew Struzan